What’s Your Goal? We Create a Game Plan!

People have more fun playing golf when they improve.

Our goal is to build confidence and consistency. The way to build confidence is you have to get better results repetitively so YOU really see you are improving. If you are a newer golfer this means learning sound technique. If you have been playing for years and you are stuck at the same handicap, this means we need to find out why. Typically one area of your game is letting you down. We evaluate your ball striking, your command of a putter and wedge, and your ability to strategize on the course. If we can improve the area that needs the most help, we have Cracked the Code. Your handicap WILL go down and you WILL have more fun. Our approach is simple and athletic because we always build on what you know.



Good fundamentals will help you build a game that will last a lifetime. You need to learn the core shots that help you score. We work on gaining distance with your woods and being able to drive your ball on the property. You will gain consistency in your approach shots. We will help you to build a short game that avoids disasters around the greens and a putting stroke that gives you solid contact. Overall, we promote an athletic move that is low maintenance and easy to repeat. Your equipment will also be checked out to make sure you are playing with the tools you need to have the fun you want.



Playing golf at this level means your game is dependable. You perform individually but also for your team. At the high school stage we help you set goals. We focus on sound fundamentals with a heavy emphasis on short game and putting. We continue to build accuracy from 100 yards and in with collegiate players. We want you to learn to score lower. You have to understand your tendencies and how to overcome them so you can error correct on your own when you are away at school. We help you think better and smarter as a player so you believe that you can excel.



Lowering scores at this level means working on the correct aspects of your game. You have to maintain your strengths and fix your weaknesses. Our goal with you is consistency; ball flight control and helping you become a great putter. We work toward a disaster free short game so you can hit the shots you need under pressure without fear. We help you become more confident because you get consistent results. This is a fun stage to explore playing in local, state and national competitions.



Players of this caliber are at the ultimate level of performance. You should not entrust your game with just anyone. You need a teacher that understands your dreams and can help you build a plan to reach them. Scoring in the 60’s is a must. We help bring out the creative shot maker and the technician inside you. At this point it is all about us helping you to blend the mental and physical side of golf. You have to learn to self-correct so you can fix ball flights on the road. We are here for you via the phone or e-mail when you need emergency help. We are on your team to help you achieve greatness.


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